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The PSAI Sport Wreck Diving Non-Penetration Course is designed to train divers to properly and safely conduct non-penetration wreck diving. It will discuss the appropriate techniques and equipment for non-penetration wreck diving only.



The Adventure of Non-Penetration Wreck Diving

Potential Risks & Hazards Associated with Wreck Diving

Equipment for Sport Wreck Diving

Pre-Dive Preparation for Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving Procedures and Operations

Underwater Communications for Options Wreck Diving

Researching Wrecks to Dive

Wreck Diving Conservation and the Law


There is a very unique aspect associated with diving on a shipwreck. You are able to see something that few people in this world have a chance to. Many of us have had the experience of visiting a museum where we have been separated from history by glass, bars, and railings where we are kept at a distance, unable to reach out and make contact with the historical item. On a sunken wreck you can swim fully immersed in the experience of history without all the barriers.

For many divers, the PSAI Sport Wreck Diving Course – Non-Penetration is the first step into the realm of shipwreck exploration. This course teaches the necessary elements to safely explore the wreck exterior. This course doe not qualify the diver to enter or penetrate the wreck overhead environment. For divers who wish to penetrate (go inside) a wreck, PSAI recommends a three step process:

STEP ONE: Take the PSAI Sport Wreck Diving Course Non-Penetration and get certified at this level.

STEP TWO: Gain wreck diving experience, once you are a PSAI Sport Wreck Diver, diving the exterior of a variety of shipwrecks.

STEP THREE: Take the PSAI Wreck Penetration Diving Course before you enter the overhead environment of any wreck.