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 Lee Robinson

I Met Ray on my O2 Administration / Practical rescue management courses
He is one of the Nicest people I have met in the diving world and he quite happily goes out of his way to help make people better divers and is always at the end of the phone if impartial advice is needed His Knowledge on the underwater world is second to none and it is a pleasure diving with him
I have also had Ray put me some seals and a pocket on my dry suit and yet again the service I received is second to none with a VERY good quality job and also a quick turnaround.

Please review our customer feedback yourselves and let them tell you about their experience and service from us.

 Advanced Mixed Gas Course November 20006 Sharm Red Sea

This was a well run course under unfamiliar surroundings both instructors presented the course material very effectively and the practical sessions flowed nicely.  

My only criticism is that once we had done the 55 meter dive on tables / run times it would have been nice to be able to do the remaining deep dives using our VR3 computers.

This would allow use to become more familiar with; let’s face it, more realistic diving scenarios’ e.g...  Diving using our computers and having run times as a back up system.


Overall this was an excellent course run with safety in mind and achieved, I will now go back and Practice, Practice, Practice, my new learned skills in the UK waters. 

I would like to express my gratitude to both instructors Ray and John and say keep up the good work and high standards you have set


Many Thanks   

John Musgrove

Extended Range Course


I thought I would drop you a mail regarding the ERD course I completed recently. I think the course was run at the right pace with lots of time for questions and kit configuration, there was never any pressure or un certainly of what was required from me. I learnt a lot from the course and I have recommended you services to other people within my club already.

As soon as you have any information on the advanced mixed diver course let me know. The UK would be my preference but if we need to do it in Egypt that would not be a problem.


Jamie Houghton

Advanced Nitrox Course

 Hi Ray,        Just a quick note:

Many many thanks for the last couple of days, I have thoroughly enjoyed both days and learnt so much.
I have much more to learn I am sure in my own eyes.
This is down to your professionalism, dedication and the utmost patience.
I will recommend to other members of our club and those outside this environment, that they undertake training for technical diving with yourself.

The kit purchased, and personal set up is absolutely fantastic.
I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Many thanks again & best regard

From Dave Whitham

Extended Range Course

Hi Ray

I really enjoyed the course, particularly the skills/drills day at Capernwray.

For me the most important part I need to practice so that it becomes second nature is Shutdown Drills. I would of liked this subject to have been discussed more in the ERD book, for e.g. different scenario’s depending if a right or left pillar valve started leaking. Apart from that I feel confident with everything we covered.

 Again thanks for all your help and I will be in touch as soon as my brother decides to do his ERD course.


John   Belvedere    


On behalf of myself, Steve and Darren many thanks for all your help with the course last week - it was a hell of a learning curve, but has given us plenty to think about. The AP Inspiration manual was full of things I'd never considered, and the course itself has also highlighted loads of things that weren't in the manual - hopefully we're all better prepared for when we finally get on our units.

With reflection, and catching up on my sleep, only now do I feel ready/prepared to do the course! However, with the exception of a couple of hiccups, I don't think we did that bad after all, and can't wait to get on my unit..

Many thanks once again,

Best wishes

Dan, Steve & Daz

October 2007 Extended Range Course


Many thanks for the email and a personal thank you.


Again the course content, structure, instruction and the dive on Wednesday has been absolutely brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable.

I would highly recommend other divers to follow suit and undertake both the Advanced Nitrox & ERD with yourself.

This would help them become 'better' divers, appreciating & utilising these skills in their normal diving activities..


Again many thanks and I look forward to diving with you very soon.


Best Regards


Dave Whitham

 Advanced Mixed Gas Course Feb 2008 Sharm Red Sea

Dear Ray

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for running and organising my AMG course recently in the Red Sea. 

The course was excellent and run at my pace making sure I was happy at every stage.  It was also run in a safe progressive manner with briefings every day.  You were also very patient and helpful when needed.  Thanks to Brian ( Smith ) as well for his assistance. 

I also found it very helpful to meet up before hand and go through the theory so that no time was wasted once we got out to the Red Sea.  Thanks also for doing a skills and drills session at Blue Lagoon and helping me where needed. 

Thanks once again for your help with the course and I look forward to practicing, practicing, practicing and then more practice as I gain experience.


Kindest regards


Frank Lintott

9th 10th May 2009 Advanced Nitrox Course

I have just completed the Combined Nitrox course at the weekend, and I would like to say what an excellent course it was. Ray McKee is a great teacher and really nice guy. I got an awful lot more from the course than I was expecting, thanks to Ray and Jo.

A really big thank you to yourself and everyone involved in organizing this course


John Camm

29th 30th 31st May 2009       Extended Range Course


 Thanks again for the course.

It was a well thought out course which taught me a great deal and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to extend there diving beyond the normal recreational diving. Your instruction was informative and the lectures and skills were taken at a nice steady pace which allowed me to ask questions without feeling stupid.

 I will be in touch about the sports mixed gas in a couple of weeks or so.


 Ian Turnbull

BSAC ERD 29/30/31 May 2009


Thanks for your forward thinking and allowing me to complete the ERD before its abrupt withdrawal from the BSAC training program, with no real replacement course in place yet. 

The course interacts perfectly and expands upon the current advance nitrox, the pace of the course and interaction from you was exemplary and your delivery and knowledge of the subject matter were second to none. 

Although pre practiced and researched by my colleague and me the tweaking of kit and drills and skills was up-to the aforementioned standard.

The dives were well planned and executed with plenty of student interaction. 

The option of the Adv mix gas course is the reason why I required the ERD, but I will be doing the extra theory and dive to qualify me to sport mix gas, thus allowing dives and experience to be obtained prior to the full adv mixed gas course and all through Ray Mckee technical diving.

I would recommend you to any diver wishing to expand their knowledge of kit, theory, dive planning and diving in general. 

Noel Talbot


SMG cross over from ERD 22nd June 2009


Once again you have excelled, the Sports Mix Gas cross over course from ERD was first class, the theory was well explained and the kit review was second to none, the 90% exam mark show the quality of the course, and the accessibility and way you compromise to meet your students requirements rather than just commercial gain exemplifies your character. 

The 50 m dive with a head at 30 metres is physics at its best and I will never dive sub 40 mtr on air again, I now have a gas to take over where nitrox leaves. 

I look forward to working with you in the future on the Adv Mixed Gas.

Again thanks, 


BSAC Sports Mixed Gas Course held at Chepstow September 2009

Hi Ray

just a note to say thank you for the advanced nitrox and

sports mixed gas courses. I gained a lot from you and your

fellow instructors and I enjoyed the relaxed approach combined

with your professional leadership. it sounds as though we

are going to just knuckle down to dives at this level for next year to

reinforce our skills. 

Thanks again.  Malcolm Willis 

BSAC Sports Mixed Gas Course September 2009

Dear Ray,

 Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with myself and the other students on the recent Advanced Nitrox and Sports Mixed Gas courses I attended.  I not only gained the fundamental skills and theory to pass the courses but so much more valuable skills that I had not even considered such as kit configuration that will make diving at this level comfortable and second nature.

I would not hesitate to recommend you or any of your courses to fellow divers. 

 I enjoyed the friendly yet professional approach to your instruction which enabled me to progress at my own speed and ensured I had understood all aspect of the course content.

 Many thanks,  Matt Leivers

BSAC Sports Mixed Gas Course September 2009

Hi Ray

I thought the courses were brilliant. Here are my comments for your website

I did the AN and SMG courses with Ray McKee In September 2009. On both courses the level of instruction was excellent.
The theory sessions were explained very clearly. Ray teaches in a manner that encourages you to ask questions. As a result of Ray's teaching style I never felt foolish or inhibited from asking for clarification about  something I had not Initially understood.
The practical instruction was first rate. Ray is very clear and patient when teaching skills underwater.
 In addition Ray's advice and help with kit configuration was outstanding. The adjustments I have made to my kit configuration as a result have made for easier, safer and more comfortable diving.
I would definitely recommend Ray McKee, as an instructor, to other divers wanting to progress in to technical diving

Kind Regards

Tony Callaghan

Advanced Mixed Gas Course Sharm Red Sea February 2010

Advanced Mixed Gas Course  February 2010
 Having completed the SMG course in January 2009 at the "Blue Lagoon" (a misnomer if ever here was) and Chepstow, I leapt at the chance of doing the AMG course in the clear warm waters of the Red sea. 
We completed the theory training and basic skill refreshers in the UK and then flew out to Sharm for the deep dives.
The course ran at a relaxed pace which allowed us to learn from Ray & Brian the do's and don'ts of mixed gas diving, but we were able to throw in some of our own experiences and suggestions - tweaking kit and becoming comfortable with twinset and side mounts. 
I found the course extremely enjoyable and learned a lot - theory and practice. The only down side for me was the inaccuracy of the gas blends provided, which caused us to amend our dive plans on two separate dives. The cost of the fills was also much more expensive than we had predicted. It might be worth pricing up some of the operators in Malta? This would also give several options for incremental depth wreck dives in the 55, 65 and 75m mark.All in all though a great experience.

Thanks to Ray Mckee and Brian Smith Instructors, Steve, big Pete

and little Pete my other colleges on the course for a very enjoyable

Tony Smyth

Advanced Mixed Gas Course  February 2010

I found doing the course in the Red Sea was an excellent idea because it takes away the stress when diving in the cold, dark UK waters and it gives you more time to practice and perfect the new skills.  As long as you continue with a steady progression back in the UK the course is ideal for this type of diving.
Ray and Brian were excellent instructors and ran the course with a steady progression, developing our skills and confidence leading up to the 75m dive.  They always had time to discuss any parts of the course and to give their advice and tips.
Before going to the Red Sea, Ray organised a Theory Day, a preparation dive in Blue Lagoon Lake (2C water temp.) and spent time sorting my kit configuration.
This was a well organised course and I would have no hesitation in

recommending it.
Thanks again Ray and Brian for an excellent course, I've learnt a lot from it.

Best Regards  Peter Moody    

Advanced Mixed Gas Course February 2010

Advanced Mixed Gas Course May 2010

Dear Ray

Thank you again for yet another excellent course.  I really enjoyed building on what we learnt on the SMG course and taking it onto the next step, the AMG.  I learnt so much again and thanks for your continued guidance and support I really felt comfortable progressing my skills.   I found the way you teach helped me learn progressively which enabled me to get my head around the calculation aspect by using the tools at our disposal. It was also fun and the relaxed approach made planning and preparation so much easier.  I visualise even the shallower dives that would seem straightforward and simple. I would not hesitate to recommend you or any of your courses to fellow divers.  

Many thanks and safe diving, 

Matt Leivers

Accelerated Decompression Procedures Course 25th Aprill 2010

Hi Ray

Thanks for the ADP course. I found it was very well run and set out and I also appreciated the tip on kit config.

 I look forward to using your services again.

Thanks Again

David Crumpton

Accelerated Decompression Procedures Course 6th November 2010 Crossover to ADP from Advanced Nitrox.

Deciding to do my ADP crossover with Ray was a bit of a leap into the unknown, as it was the first diving course I'd done outside the club.

As it turned out, I wished I'd made the leap sooner.

Ray is a fantastic instructor who is prepared to go the extra mile in order to give his students the best possible learning experience. For me this meant numerous discussions during coffee breaks about different kit configurations and how I might customise certain kit to make skills easier to perform. He was also not scared to bring in theory above and beyond the ADP course (be it rebreathers or multi-stage mixed gas diving), in order to clarify the reasoning beyond some of the gas planning and deco planning theory. To be able to put across this extra theory concisely without losing the course focus is a reflection of his ability both as a technical diver and technical diving instructor.

I'm looking forward to building on the course over the next diving season, whilst saving up my pennies to get myself on a mixed gas course.

Whilst I don't know if I will be able to afford it any time soon, at least I now know who my instructor would be..

Dr Simon Child

Accelerated Decompression Procedures & Buoyancy and Trim Course's 13/14 November 2010

This is the second course I have done with Ray McKee and, once again, I was so impressed with the standard of teaching. The classroom sessions were relaxed and informative. Ray regularly expands on the course material with simple but effective explanations and numerous valuable little "tips and tricks" with regard to diving technique and kit configuration. Everything is fully explained and you go away feeling completely comfortable with everything you have been taught.

 In the water it was the same story. Ray has a knack of putting you at your ease immediately and bringing the best out of your diving. I have now done the Advanced Nitrox and the Accelerated Decompression Procedures and Buoyancy and Trim courses with Ray and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for my training. Not only have I learned the skills appropriate for nitrox decompression diving, but so much more that has been of huge benefit to my general diving.  

 Regards John Camm

Explorer Mixed Gas Course 20/21st November 2010

“After taking the Sports Mixed Gas Course with Ray at Ray Mckee Technical Diving in September 2009, it seemed natural that my buddy and I take the Explorer Mixed Gas Course with Ray. So it was that we ended up at Chepstow for the theory, dry practical sessions, confined water practical sessions and the all important assessment dive. Ray is very approachable, knowledgeable and his safety regime is second to none. I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to enter the BSAC mixed gas training route.”

 Mike Grogan

Advanced Mixed Gas Course Red Sea 2006

Dive Magazine Read what Charles Hood had to say

Dear Ray                   

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the ADP course I did with you. On arriving at your house I was made to feel welcome and was put at ease very quickly. I found your relaxed way of presentation excellent, you conveyed the information in a way that encouraged questions and I never felt as though I was being judged when I asked questions. During the dives I never felt pressured and your ethos of”it does not matter how you do it so long as it’s done” is of someone who lives in the real world and not someone who just wants to look good. All in all I found the whole experience fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone looking to improve their skills.

Steven Thompson

Dear Ray

I would like to say at the very start that the SMG course I recently completed with you was two weeks of pure pleasure. I enjoyed every aspect of the course and it is all down to how you present and run the course. You covey the important points easily and are always open to questions, every aspect of the course was made fun and I never felt as though I was being judged because of the questions I asked. The weekend at Chepstow was amazing you and Brian make fantastic company and have a story for every occasion. The dives were covered comprehensibly and every safety precaution that needed to be done was in place, there was never  any point  I was left wondering what was supposed to happen the dive briefs were first class. At the dive de-briefs all aspects of the dives were covered and where need constructive comment and advice was given. I know I have found an instructor, and a new friend, I can trust and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to improve their skills, indeed I will be back very soon to advance my diving.  

 Steven Thompson


Feedback for Sports Mixed Gas Course (March 2012)

Having previously done the Advanced Nitrox and Accelerated Decompression Procedures course with Ray McKee, I decided to progress to the Sports Mixed Gas course in order to further enhance my skills and make my deeper diving safer.

The classroom material is a natural progression from the Accelerated Decompression Procedures course and, once again, Ray’s style is relaxed and informative. His considerable technical diving experience comes across in the classroom sessions with everything fully explained and expanded on with advice on kit configuration and diving technique.

The drills and skills day at Blue Lagoon was challenging with many new skills to learn, such as shutdowns and stage cylinder hand-offs etc.  In the water Ray is patient and skilled in guiding you down the most efficient way to execute the skills and handle your equipment underwater. The emphasis is firmly on buoyancy control and maintaining position in the water at all times, a proficiency which would be extremely important on the open water dives at Chepstow.

At Chepstow Ray was ably assisted by Brian Smith. Here the emphasis moved to the importance of dive planning and adherence to run-times. In the water Ray was in complete control, stepping in only when required. Out of the water Ray and Brian’s combined wealth of experience was highly valued, providing praise, where it was due and encouragement where it was needed. The weekend was tough, but, thanks to Ray and Brian, it was both enjoyable and satisfying.

I’ve heard it said that, when it comes to Technical dive training, the choice of instructor is more important than the training agency, and I would totally agree with this. As the diving becomes more demanding, the standard of training becomes much more important, as does the quality of instructor. For anyone considering making the move into technical diving I would, therefore, have no hesitation in recommending Ray McKee for their training requirements.

John Camm

Stoney Cove

“Ray and Brian, thanks for all your tuition and encouragement

you made a full week very enjoyable.” 

 I have put some photos on Face book now.


Steve Capes

Hi Ray

March / April 2012 CCR Course


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the professional approach you took to carrying out my CCR mod one coarse .The extra time you put in to help me with V planner when I struggled to get to grips with it was much appreciated .Would I do another coarse with Ray?? Yes I would .Would I recommend Ray to do a coarse to anyone else?? Yes I would .I look forward to doing my next coarse ASAP

Gavin Jones

Ray McKee and Gavin Jones

Accelerated Decompression Procedures August 2012

        Stoney Cove  

 Brian Smith Brian Cook & Byron Nylsson

 Accelerated Decompression Procedures August 2012

August September 2012 CCR Course  Capernwray / Stoney Cove

Stoney Cove

Stephen Thompson

Brian Cook & Byron Nylsson with Brian Smith

Ray. It was an absolute delight to do the course with you. Many thanks, if there are any trips/course you need a rescue diver for I’d be only too happy to do so, if I can.  


Brian Cook

ADP Course

Ray is an excellent teacher, the most competent and experienced I have come across during my training. He aided me through my challenges' with patience and exceptional skills. Ask the most basic of questions and Ray will put you right. All in all very professional training.


Byron Nilsson

 Byron Nylsson with         Ray Mckee

Inspiration Rebreather Mod 1

A tough and demanding course, I can only thank that I chose Ray too take me through the training. Ray cuts no corners, and the drills finally become second nature. Safety is No .1, and Ray is cool and calm when all seems to be going wrong. His colleague Brian Smith, has a wealth of experience and taught me that we only have challenges, a karma I am starting to learn as a more technical diver. Thanks again Ray, looking forward to Mod 2.

All the Best

Byron Nilsson

August September 2012 CCR Course  Capernwray / Stoney Cove

October December 2012 CCR Course Capernwray / Stoney Cove

ADP Course

A Busy Month at Stoney Cove for Accelerated Decompression Courses with Stephen Armstrong passing is ADP Course well done Stephen

Noel Talbot with Brian Smith Safety Diver  at Ray McKee Technical Diving

Inspiration Rebreather  Mod 1

Well Done Noel Talbot for completing and passing his Rebreather Mod 1 Course at Stoney Cove on a very cold Day

November 2012 Explorer and Advanced Mixed Gas Course

Congratulations to students Top Photograph  for successfully completing there Explorer and Advanced Mixed Gas Courses.

From the left Stephen Armstrong and Simon Child Explorer Mixed Gas 60 meter ticket.  Stephen Thompson and Jeff Parker Advanced Mixed Gas 80 meter Ticket    

Middle Photograph Far left Brian Smith Instructor with the same students

Bottom Photograph Far left Ray McKee Instructor Show off is nice new Otter Dry Suit

Student Feedback from above November Mixed Gas Course


A few years ago I did my ADP crossover with you. In my feedback I said that I knew who I would contact when I got round to getting my mixed gas ticket. Well this year I did get around to it and having completed the course I made the right choice. I reckon that's the best BSAC course I've done to date and the most fun I've had on a BSAC course. As an instructor I can fully appreciate how much time and effort you and Brian must have put in preparing for the course and in giving it. If I ever decide to move on to AMG I'm sure I'll be in touch.

Simon Child

Just a few words from us both about the recent Explorer Mixed Gas Course with Stephen Armstrong and the Advanced Mixed Gas Course with myself at Chepstow.
It was nothing less than I expected then has been on previous courses with you each briefing was thorough and constructive, leaving nothing out. During the dives you were always on hand and attentive to the slightest indication that anything was wrong. The following de brief on each dive was also thorough and offering constructive advice where needed. The explorer course was also constructed in the same way and Brain was as constructive during the pre and post dive sessions as you were.

The drills and skills we had practised came in to their own when needed and the correct method to deal with the unexpected situations that do sometimes arise had been drilled to perfection. The consistently high pass percentage that was displayed in the exams, 90% being the lowest pass score, pays testament to your excellent teaching method.

In conclusion I thoroughly enjoyed the course and again as previously away from the diving you and Brian were excellent company and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to progress their diving.

Thanks Ray
Steven Thompson & Stephen Armstrong

Noel Talbot

Thanks Raymond McKee and Brian Smith for weeks of hard work and commitment, I can honestly say that CCR is the hardest and steepest learning curve I have ever encountered in diving.

Hi Ray,


I have recently completed the AMG course and previously did SMG.  On both occasions, the excellent quality of teaching has provided me with a thorough and secure grounding in the practical and theoretical elements.  Ray and Brian made the course enjoyable and interesting and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone wishing to enhance their diving qualifications.



 Jeff Parker

Frank Lintott and Anthony Davies Stoney Cove

December 2012 and January 2013 CCR Mod 1 (air) course

Well done to Frank Lintott and Anthony Davies for passing there rebreather Mod 1 (air) course ware water temperature went down to 4c at times

Hi Ray                             Student Feedback From December 2012 /January 2013 rebreather Course

Thanks ray for my rebreather mod1

I enjoyed this course we started doing theory at your house in which I was allowed to ask plenty of questions 

We then had a morning in your workshop building my unit 

In the afternoon we went in the pool and went through skills which you demonstrated so well they were easier to pick up.

Day one open water we went to the blue lagoon where we went through all the skills again and you gave me assistance and advice on my kit configuration.

Day two we went to Stoney cove and you had Brian as a safety diver just in case all skills done again but with less information under water but a good brief so we knew what to expect 

Day 3 Stoney cove again 

Brian as safety diver again good brief but just give a scenario under water and we had to act

I found your teaching great the course well presented my safety was paramount and really enjoyed myself 

I will defiantly be back to do my mod 2 with you cheers ray and Brian  

Anthony Davies 

 Student Feedback From December 2012 /January 2013 Rebreather Course

HI Ray

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray McKee and Brian Smith for all their help and encouragement allowing me to complete MOD 1 of my CCR course.  Although there was a serious side to the course we also had some fun which made the course really enjoyable.  Both Ray and Brian worked hard to support me and my buddy so that we could complete the course. All I need to do now is keep my skills in practice and get lots of hours in so that I can move on to MOD 2 and 3.

Thanks again Ray and Brian and I look forward to working with you on other courses.

Frank Lintott

Equipment Care Course April 2013

Hi Ray

 Thank you for the equipment care course, my brother & me had been trying to get this course in Yorkshire for the last five years, we both found your way of teaching relaxing but also very informative.

 We now understand the markings on cylinders much better, The reasons for servicing & O2 cleaning & the damage that just a small amount of water can do.

 The hands on drysuit pressure testing & repairing was exceptional, I personally may try a (temp repair) to a cuff seal on a dive trip but neck seals I will be bringing to you. Good job I have a second drysuit.

 We where also impressed with the damaged regulators you showed us (salt water who would go near it).

 How to check BCs Wings harnesses & all other general diving kit was really enjoyable & when you dismantled my brothers mask to clean his pets some would call them bio cultures.

 The whole course was well laid out & very informative.

Roy Crumpton

CCR Sports and Explorer Mixed Gas Course May 2013

Hi Ray

I just would like to say thanks to Ray And Brian for there course.
thoroughly enjoyed it.
looking forward to the next one.
Carl Graham

CCR Sports and Explorer Mixed Gas Course July 2013

Can I take this opitunity  to thank Ray and Brian for my combined sports mixed gas and explorer on my inspiration classic We did a day of theory at Rays workshop well presented and time to ask questions made it run smoothly.

We then met at 8 acres where we did a dry run of semi closed then kited up and did buddy check we got comfy in the water then did some stage handling followed by semi closed all as our brief.

Then a few weeks later we all met up at Chepstow me and my buddy worked out our plan then discussed it with our instructor and agreed the plan.

We descended down a shot line to about 45 mtrs swam along for our bottom time did a mid water dsmb and ascended doing our stops Second dive we got to 50 mtrs and at about 45 did a dsmb and bailout accent.

Second day we went to 60 mtrs really strange to be that deep and no narcosis We ascended sticking to our run times And then got out both me and my buddy completing our course and to my joy passing it I found the whole course well presented. Safe and I got a lot out of my time with Ray and Brian.

And I would recommend Ray McKee Technical Diving to anybody

Thanks for your patience

Anthony Davies

Accelerated Decompression Procedures  Feb 29th March 1st 2012

Sports Mixed Gas Course 8th to 18th March 2012