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I started snorkelling in the early 60’s I think, influenced by a couple TV films ‘Flipper’ and ‘Sea Hunt’; but the bug hit home after seeing a group of divers on the beach below my hotel window in Devon. I spent most of that day with them. It was not until 1969 that I learned about the BSAC, and I have been a diving member ever since that date - yes that is a long time, and I still enjoy snorkelling today.

In the mid 90’s I went back up the instructor path, but my true love is Technical Diving and teaching technical diving, I did my first 60 metre plus dive in the mid 70's. My first technical qualification in O/C Tri Mix was with TDI and I hold Advanced Trimix O/C with them, as well as TDI CCR Mod 1. I now hold BSAC CCR Advanced Mixed Gas Rebreather Diver (mod 3).

In June 2006 the BSAC ran its first O/C Mixed Gas Pilot Course (tri mix) prior to its launch at the DOC in December 2006, and I was proud to be part of that team. I am a qualified BSAC Advanced Mixed Gas Instructor (tri mix) No. 004 something I am very proud of. I also ran the first Advanced Mixed Gas Course held in the Red Sea in November 2006, DIVE magazine. Read what Charles Hood had to say here.

I am also part of the BSAC Yorkshire coaching team. In 2006 Ray McKee Technical Diving was started (a BSAC Premier Centre No. 629 we are also a PSAI Centre No. 49. and a TDI Facility), I have been lucky to dive and teach with some of the top technical divers and instructors both in this country and abroad.

In October 2008 I was part of the expedition ran by Mike Rowley and Jeff Reed to dive HMS Victoria, Lying in 145 metres of water off the Lebanese coast. The 10.500 ton battleship HMS Victoria sank in 1893, this really is a wreck to dive, the ship is Vertical to the sea bed, and is just an incredible dive. What’s more she is complete!

I have also dived all around the UK and Scotland from Scapa Flow to the South Coast, diving many wrecks around the UK and the world. I have dived the warm water of the Indian Ocean, the South China Sea, Florida, Malta, France and the Cold Waters of Norway, diving such wrecks as HMS Prince of Wales & HMS Repulse.

I have also been involved in the  retail diving and manufacturing industry since the late 70’s, both designing and selling top quality dive kit. Today I still make and design dive kit as well as servicing and repairs (mainly to dry suits), we make harnesses, lazy shot and drop cylinder systems and much more. We only use top quality products in the manufacturing of dive kit and servicing, we will help with any kit advice that will help you to configure your kit, but always with your safety in mind.

Since the mid 80’s Dive Systems 2000 product motto was ‘Diving Deeper Safer’ something I strongly believe goes for instructing as well.

Pictured right is Ray McKee when running the Advanced Mixed Gas Course in the Red Sea.